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As a Maui Wedding photographer, potential clients arrive to me numerous ways. Some of the clients book their wedding photography directly through me while others book through a wedding coordinator. When clients book through a wedding coordinator, I typically do not have the pleasure of getting to know them as I’m meeting them for the first time literally within minutes before they tie the knot.

No matter how the client comes to me, I make every effort to give them my all, I love what I do and hope to be able to capture moments for them to have for years to come. My hope is that when they look back at a photo I took for them it brings a smile back to their faces. What’s really great about what I do is that from time to time, I receive little notes via e-mail, my clients will surprise me with a review or maybe I even receive a thank you card in the mail. I have to be honest, I love getting these notes and e-mails, it really makes me feel good about what I do and to knowing I touched someone is truly Golden to me.

With that said, I received a Facebook message yesterday from a client and when I read it, It brought tears to my eyes. It’s a very special story with heart filled love and true passion. I feel very honored that this client shared it with me and am proud to share it with you all. My hope is after reading it, you will share the story with others. You’ll see why.

Thank you Natalie for this story and for allowing me to share it with everyone.



Hi Nicole,

Hope all is well and you are enjoying every moment having your daughter home!

I wanted to send you a quick little note to tell you this story because you were a huge part of it. I didn’t even realize until after the wedding that you caught this on photo but it makes it all that much more memorable.

When we were married back in February my oldest, Nolan had just shaved his head to raise money for the Run for the Cure. During the ceremony, when I went to grab my hubby to be’s ring, I noticed he still had on this little white bracelet that was a fundraiser for a little boy who had died of cancer. His parent’s last vacation with him was Hawaii. I never thought I would think of this little guy during the ceremony. A very teary moment but I guess no one would have thought a thing of me crying at the time!

Anyways, it was a sad thought but made me feel all the more blessed to be standing there with my kids by my side on my wedding day. It was a big day of starting over a new life for me and to see my little guy with his bald head raising money for cancer overwhelmed me with the feeling that things will all be ok if these little guys all keep doing their part to help others. I guess no words can describe all of the emotion and thoughts at the time when it was already a pretty overwhelming day!

I did a little blog post and put the picture you took.

We are going to do a little fundraiser for this little guy and I wanted you to know that you captured so much more than just a wedding photo that day…truly a keepsake photo that means so much more to me than I can ever describe.

This is the link to the story: http://www.littlewrappers.com/alexanders-brave-quest/

Take good care- we hope to be back to Maui someday!!

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When we decided to turn our family vacation into a beach wedding this year, I never imagined that Childhood Cancer would come to mind the day of our wedding.