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Wedding Ideas

With so many wedding ideas out there how do you know which ones to pick and choose from? First you need to decide as to the type of theme you want to have and whether you want it to be formal, informal or somewhere in between. With a variety of wedding ideas available, you want to make sure that things flow together.

Weddings don’t have to go in any particular order. However, whatever order you want it to go in, you will want that to flow as a wedding ceremony and reception are similar to a theatrical production. So as you research the many wedding ideas keep in mind what really will flow together and what will not.

In addition, these days your wedding can be anything that you want it to be as you no longer have to stay in that traditional wedding box. Stepping out of the box is fun and can make your wedding more memorable. However, if you are more of a traditional bride, then combine the traditional aspect with something new and exciting.

Once you decide on the type of wedding you would like, the rest is easy. Two ideas to consider when doing your research is making your wedding current by either “going green” or have a DIY production.

The Going Green Wedding

You might think to yourself that by going green you will have to sacrifice style. In addition, going green might seem a bit cheap, but in reality green weddings cost just about the same as regular weddings, and sometimes more depending on the style of wedding that you would like.

Some ways to go green, and to save from wasting paper, is you could send out invites via the computer. In doing this it will not only save you money but you can add your own personnel touches, such as adding a video invite or doing a picture collage of you and your partner. You could also create your own wedding website where all of your guests can go to see what is going on for your wedding and the different events that are scheduled. You can also save it to a CD to remember that moment in your life.

If you want to go organic for your food choices or your flowers, verify that your products are grown without the use of pesticides, and try to reuse as much of the product as you can.

Other green ideas may include:

– Include more vegetarian options.
– You could post an ad on craigslist, or just put the word out there that you are getting married, and ask if you can have any leftover wedding stuff that they are not going to use like candles or certain decorations, which could have your wedding look very eclectic and unique.
– To make sure that nothing is wasted, plan on donating everything you can after the wedding by turning over your leftovers to the local food bank or Goodwill stores.

The DIY Wedding

In case you’re not sure what “diy” stands for it means “do it yourself.” For some people a diy wedding can be a scary thought because you might think you don’t have an ounce of creativity in you. However, it’s easier then you might think, especially with all of the wedding ideas out there and some come with a step-by-step guide. Another thing that might bring fear to you when you hear diy is the time involved. Although it does take more time and planning, but if done correctly, can save you money and it gives you the boasting of how you created the entire wedding.

Now having more of a diy wedding is not something that you can just throw together you will need to sit down and write goals for when certain things need to be done and give yourself time to complete all of your tasks. Get all of your friends and family together to help you out as the more people you have helping you, the sooner things can get done and there will be a lot less stress for you since it will not be all on your shoulders. The best thing about having a diy wedding is that it will be completely unique to you and you can add in all the special touches that you like. By doing it yourself you will be creating memories with your family and friends that you will be able to remember every time you see the object that you made together.