Rich Ways to propose on Maui

NicoleMaui Photography

Rich Ways to propose on Maui from your Maui Wedding Photographer

a) Arrange a helicopter company to go to a waterfall location ahead of time and set up a giant heart made of coral. In the middle spell out,” Will you Marry Me”. Have a your cooler already there with cold champagne in it with various fruits and cheeses on a preset try. Don’t forget hidden musician to serenade you and your Maui photographer to capture your moments next to the hidden waterfall.

b) Hire a luxury jet to fly you to a romantic getaway to Maui. Once you’re in the air, open a bottle of champagne and get on your knees to pop the question. When you land, your welcomed by hula dancers, flower leis and maybe a local Hawaiian favorite singer like,” Willie K” to sing you a few love songs.

c). Arrange dinner at a beautiful restaurant and set up in advance a private section. You may have to pay for the extra tables so that you have a private section to yourselves. Hire a violinist and a classical singer to come set up next to you and begin playing a prearranged love song. Have someone bring in two dozen roses to the table with a note that says, “Will you marry me?” Get down on one knee and present your engagement ring.