Wedding Reception Ideas

NicoleMaui Photography

1. Fill it with Air. Instead of buying flowers to decorate the reception and on each table, skip the flower arrangements and save yourself some money by going with balloon decorations. It’s uniquely different and if kids are there, well they’re set on entertainment.
2. And the Winner Is…. Involve your reception guests more than on the dance floor by having games involved. Whether it be some form of trivia about the couple, a raffle or a lottery game where they can take home prizes, such as the centerpieces, a photo with the couple or even a special dance with either the bride or the groom.
3. Breakfast Anyone? This works better if your wedding is a destination wedding and the ceremony takes place at night. Then instead of a reception after the wedding, let your guests enjoy the night life on their own, and have everyone meet up the next morning for a breakfast reception. Maybe instead of an alcohol bar, an omelet bar is calling your name.
4. Invite the Paparazzi. Still hire a professional wedding photographer, but you could also place at each table a disposable camera for your guests to take pictures and then leave the cameras for you to develop. Often some of the best moments are spontaneous that you would normally miss. The best part is opening the photo package after they have been developed.
5. “Flavorize” Your Cake. Instead of going with the traditional flavors of chocolate or vanilla cake, go with a flavor you like or that’s unique to your liking. You could also have more fun by going with cupcakes instead of a cake.