Maui Wedding Photographer Review

NicoleMaui Photography

Stacy C.
Austin, TX

My husband and I wanted a destination wedding; seeing that this was both of our second marriages. We settled on Maui, but other than that I didn’t know what else to do. I researched lots online and read so many awesome reviews about Nicole that I just knew she would be perfect. I never looked back, she made my life a breeze. To say she was an awesome photographer would be an understatement. Yes, the photos are perfect, but she helped me in so many other ways.

She knows the island like the back for her hand, and explained which beaches she thought we would like, recommended what time of day to avoid crowds and the ocean being its prettiest. (Who would think of a morning wedding, but it was perfect and even cool, not a sweat bead on us!) She helped book the license appointment, told us what restuarants to go to, what we must see and do on the island, etc.

She took so much time getting to know us and our style way ahead of time, I sent her pictures of pictures I like, she made sure she took all the styles of pictures I had sent her, I mentioned that we are a bi-racial couple, and she even had someone who was just a sweet as her helping with our lightting. (If you read this I am so sorry I forgot your name, but we loved you too!) Anytime I asked Nicole a question about something, she emailed me or called me back the SAME DAY, and never made us feel as though we were bothering her!!!

I honestly could cry at how well things turned out and how such a stressful time in someones life turned out to be a pure vacation with a wedding attached thanks to Nicole.

Now that we are newly pregnant, we can’t wait to return for family pictures, and I know the perfect photographer for the job:-)

Saved. Thanks!