Maui Wedding Photographer- Upcountry Advice

NicoleMaui Photography

Your Maui wedding photographer, Nicole Sanchez would like to give you some insight upcountry Maui.

Maui is not all about beaches, luaus and pineapples as it has another side to it that many do
not take advantage of, it’s their Upcountry. Here you will find many things to see and do from
farmland to physical activity. So if you are looking to get away from normal tourist attractions
and do something different, then go have some fun in Maui’s Upcountry.

Surfing Goat Dairy

Yes, Maui has its share of farming and at Surfing Goat Dairy you will not only see that up close
but perhaps hands on too. At the dairy you can not only pet and feed the goats, but if you time
your visit right you can see them being milked on the milking machines. Most the milk brought
in is used to make goat cheese, which is made right there at the dairy. Surfing Goat is considered
to be Maui’s to Ag-Tourism venues.

Wine Tasting and Dining

If you are looking to get a taste of Upcountry try eating at the Kula Lodge. At the Kula
Lodge you will feel that mountain resort welcoming, along with a sense of comfort. The main
lobby includes a wood fire place and the view from this 3,200 foot elevated restaurant can be
breathtaking as you look down on to the Pacific Ocean. There are semi-private areas to sit on
outside along with walking paths through the gardens makes for a great photo opportunity.

If you are looking for something more adult like then you need to head over to Maui’s Winery,
Tedeschi Vineyards. Tedeschi is open daily from 10-5 and is out in the country side, where you
will find some real peace and quiet away from many of the tourist towns on the island. Here you
will not only be able to buy wines, but they have a great tasting bar, along with some of the best
tasting wines that Maui has to offer. Perhaps a glass of Splash, a passion fruit wine. Tedeschi
also offers great gift ideas.


If you’re in Maui, then you must have gone to sea level, but now it is time to go up, 10,023 feet
up that is. Located in Upcountry Maui is Haleakala National Park. Popular for its incredible
sunrises, this dormant volcano is also the place to see sunsets, the rare Nene bird, as well as the
also rare blooming ahinahina plant, or known to the locals as Silverwood. Haleakala makes for a
great photo opportunity.

In addition to the natural aspects, Haleakala houses three ranger stations and a large summit that
includes many hiking trails. However if you visit, especially at sunrise or sunset, be sure to wear
plenty of warm clothes because the temperature really drops and the wind chill factor can cause
one to nearly freeze. If you visit during a sunset, really appreciate the serenity of it all, especially
when you realize you are above the clouds. Bike riders also take advantage of the downward ride

as there is little to no peddling involved, but do watch for cars.

Horseback Riding

If you are looking to explore Maui in a whole different way, then consider it by horseback. In
Upcountry Piiholo Ranch specializes in horseback adventures. Piiholo Ranch is run by one of
Maui’s longest running families as they have spanned seven generations. Tours often take you
through the Eucalyptus forest as well as Pangola pastures. Never rode a horse before? Piiholo
is a working cowboy ranch and therefore no one goes without learning the proper techniques of
horse riding. So don’t worry, they’ll show you how.

In addition to horseback riding, Piiholo shows their cowboy skills in cattle ranching and has fun
activities such as the ever popular zipline adventures and canopy tours, where a nice hike across
some bridges will keep the adrenaline flowing.

ATV Riding

If you want to get a little dirty while exploring Maui’s Upcountry then consider it in an ATV.
Kahoma Ranch Tours is one of many outfitters on the island but they specialize in Upcountry
Maui. This tour will take you anywhere through some steep trails in the forest as well as some
fields that were once agricultural. Kahoma’s ATV’s are usually side by side, which means you
can have a partner with you rather than go solo.

Seeing up country in this manner will let you get close to waterfalls that most other travels will
never see and the island’s best water slides. You will get dirty, so a chance to go swimming there
might just hit the spot.