Destination Wedding, Maui

NicoleMaui Photography

If you are looking into a destination wedding, then perhaps the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii may
just be the place for you. If you have been to Maui, you have a head start over others, but if you have
never been, then do your due diligence and get familiar with the area and what to expect. It will make a

If you are not sure who to contact while researching Maui, contact either a wedding coordinator or a
Maui photographer as they have the most experience when it comes to the different possibilities, good
or bad, that you may encounter. These below tips should get you in the right direction for a great day.

Professional Maui Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking to save a few bucks on your wedding, save it in areas other than your photos, because
your photos will be all you’ll have to show off your wedding day. A Maui photographer knows the ins
and outs of Maui and will know the best places and times to shoot your shots, such as where the sun
sets or rises and the shadows they create.

You should get to know your photographer as much as they know you. The more the photographer
knows about you and your wants, the more intimate your shots become. The more you know them, the
more at ease you will be, which will show in your photos.

Parks and Beach Etiquette

Getting married on a public park or beach is allowed, but it’s on a first come, first serve basis; therefore
get there early. Bear in mind that since the beach and parks are public, that means anyone can watch
your wedding.

In the event that you do hold your ceremony in a public location, be sure to respect the environment
and landmarks. When your wedding is over, clean up anything that may have been left on the ground,
including flower pedals. Alcohol is not permitted in these areas.

Get to know Maui’s Roads

If you are not familiar with Maui’s roads, then be sure to drive around and get to know them and
leave early. One wrong turn could put you on the other side of the island, therefore missing the
wedding. In addition, Maui can be a great place to have a party and drink, but be aware that Maui
is very strict on drunk driving. You don’t want anyone missing your ceremony due to being in
jail, or worse.

Bachelor(ette) Parties

With Maui being a great atmosphere for people to party and drink, many people have their parties the
night before the wedding. However, a quick way to ruin your ceremony is by drinking too much the
night before your ceremony. If you are having your parties in Maui, try to have it a few days to a week
before the wedding so that you are at your best on the big day. It will make a difference in your photos

Wedding Shoes

Being in Maui you will want to have comfortable shoes as the terrain can be treacherous. Sandals and
slip-ons have enough flexibility to allow the shoe to adjust. If your wedding shoes are already broken in,
then you should be fine. After all, if you buy high heel pumps and then decide for a Maui beach wedding,
you may find yourself having issues walking in the sand, which then could lead to you turning your ankle
and either spraining or breaking it.

On top of that, if your shoes are causing you to be uncomfortable or causing you any pain, then do not be
surprised if your uneasiness shows in your wedding photos.

Wedding Day Hair

Do your homework and talk to your photographer ahead of time and ask about the weather conditions
on Maui, not only for the ceremony, but for your photos as well. You will want to know if your ceremony
will be taking place in a windy area so you can go with a style that will hold in the wind. Who wants hair
covering their face in the photos?

Once you know, you can do some practice runs to a style you like before going to Maui. Then after
getting there, have a stylist look at your style to see if it can be done.

Like anything else, if you do your research ahead of time, you will increase your chances of everything
going smoothly in Maui. Remember these tips and you will have a great head start to your day and