Romantic spots to propose in Hawaii

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Romantic spots to propose in Hawaii

You’re heading on vacation to Hawaii and the plan is to ask that special someone for their hand in marriage, but just don’t know where or how. Hawaii has plenty of romantic spots that you can choose from for your proposal. Whether on the island of Oahu, Maui, the Big Island or any of the others, Hawaii makes for a great proposal location. Below are just a few ideas that you could find beneficial.

In addition, you might want to consider the newest idea in wedding proposals and hire a professional wedding photographer. Regardless of which island you choose, there are sure to be many to choose from. For instance, hiring a Maui photographer can suggest some of the greatest locations on the island of Maui in which to propose. They have great knowledge of lighting, the weather and for incredible scenery that they can fill in their shots. One would think having a photographer along with you would make the would-be-bride suspicious, but a professional photographer always knows to stay far away and use a longer lens to capture the moment from afar.

Here are just a few ideas, whether it be locations or activities to help you decide just where and how you would like to propose. If you are at a loss and need additional assistance, feel free to contact a wedding photographer or planner.

Haleakala – One of the more romantic locations in which to propose is atop the 10,023-foot Haleakala volcano. Here you will have some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets you will ever see. In addition, you will find yourself above the clouds, thus making this a place of serenity and a great opportunity to “pop the question.”

Beaches – Speaking of sunsets, you can select from several beaches in Hawaii to propose at where the sun meets the ocean. The island of Kauai has an ideal beach location in Napali Coast. On Oahu there is Waikiki and Waimea Bay, while Maui has Sugar Beach, Makena and Ka’anapoli Bay.

Tantalus – This could be considered one of the more incredible places to propose on the island of Oahu. This extinct cinder cone is at the tip of a winding road of about 10 miles up. The road will take you to your destination through a tropical forest. Once you get there, the view is breathtaking and you will have off in the distance both Diamond Head and Honolulu.

Hana – One of the more beautiful locations in all the world lies on the eastern end of Maui, the area known as Hana. Other than helicopter, there are two ways to get there. The backway or by driving the“road to Hana.” Taking the road will allow you to see bamboo forests, several one lane bridges and some of the most beautiful scenery and waterfalls you will ever see. Hana makes for a great place to propose because this fits the stereotypical view of what Hawaii is all about.

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