Discovering Hana And Six Tips To Make It Enjoyable

NicoleHawaii Photographer

Discovering Hana And Six Tips To Make It Enjoyable (Part Three)

If planned right, a trip along the “Road to Hana” can be an exhilarating one. However, if you are not
prepared, then your day in the sun can go awry leaving you with a down taste to it. Here are six tips to
make your day in Hana a great one.

Photographing your Trip

Whether this is your first time to Hana or not, you will want to capture as much as you can on your
camera. For some, they just want to get lost on the trails and take their own pictures. However, if you
want an expert on the areas of Hana, or Maui, you may want to consider hiring a Maui photographer.

Hiring a Maui photographer will give you someone with experience in shooting photos in Hana and that
will allow you to appear in your photos with your whole party and without you holding your camera
out with your extended arm. In addition, a Maui photographer is experienced enough to know the best
places for shots in regards to the sun, the weather and other elements that you may never take into
consideration. Often these photos are much more creative than yours own as well.

Prepare with Bug Spray and Stay on the Paths

If you’re planning to hike or spend any time in Hana, bring your bug spray! Bugs, especially mosquitoes,
are the norm in Hana as they are attracted to fruit trees and the waters. Most bugs like to stay in the
shrubs and grassy areas, so if you are hiking through Hana, staying on the dirt paths will cut down on
the amount of bugs you will encounter. In addition, staying on the paths will help keep you safe and off
private property.

Be aware of Trespassing

Often when people think of Hana they never take into consideration that people actually have homes
there. Many people, whether they are getting their information from travel books or in another form,
often disregard the private properties to get a glimpse, especially those owned by celebrities.

Well do yourself a favor, don’t trespass. For one, the homeowners probably don’t have the patience for
it and you could find yourself in a confrontation with the homeowner or even the police. Stay safe and
keep out of trouble or else you may find your day of fun turn into a day of turmoil.

Taking a Guided Tour by CD

Most often people like to explore the paths of Hana without a tour guide, and although you still take in
the beauty of it, you never really learn anything about Hana and its history as you hike. One suggestion
is to take your hike while listening to a CD tour guide.

There are many kinds to choose from, so see which one meets your criteria. Many of the CD guides
will suggest places to stop and see, driving tips, the history and a detailed map. Remember some of
the places in Hana are private property, so a CD tour map will help you from going somewhere you shouldn’t.

Swimming atop of Waterfalls

Most people love the beauty of waterfalls, but do not respect the power it possesses. The top of the
falls have been closed off to the public as some of the powerful waters have taken people over the edge
leading to many fatalities. Although some of the smaller ones are open, it doesn’t mean you are safe as
they can be just as dangerous.

Therefore, in the event you are risky enough to want to experience the beauty of the top of the falls, do
so with caution and respect.

Staying the Night

One of the best ways to enjoy Hana is to slow down and take it all in. However, most people rush to see
as much as they can and leave before dark to make the long trek back into town. If you really want to
slow down and see as much as you can, not to mention avoid the mass of tourists, consider staying the

Accommodations in Hana are limited and often have a minimum of more than one night, so you will
have to plan early. If you’re only looking to stay one night, another option would be to pitch a tent and
camp outside. There is a great location for camping that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, not to mention it is
also your cheapest way of staying as well.

In the morning, throw your tent into your car and get an early start on your day and enjoy it.