Six Ideas To Make Your Hana Trip Manageable

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Six Ideas To Make Your Hana Trip Manageable

If you are planning to discover the “Road to Hana” in Maui, then below are six ideas that will make your
day more fulfilling and special, as well as fitting your wants and needs.

Make a Day of it

Hana is just that, a complete day. Depending on what part of the island you’re coming from, a trip on
the “Road to Hana” is a couple hours – one way. In addition, as you get closer you will find the need to
slow your driving down as Hana has about 54 narrow bridges and 600 curves. Then take in the fact there
is so much to view and take in, that you will want to dedicate valuable time to it.

Also, one of the biggest mistakes that tourists do when visiting Hana, is they try to see it all in one day,
and that’s just not going to happen. Plan ahead and see what you want to see, or plan on staying the
night, such as a camping sight overlooking the ocean, and do more the next day. Don’t rush around; go
for a hike through the bamboo forest up to wonderful waterfalls. Have a picnic, do some bird watching
or just breathe in that fresh Hawaiian air.

Capturing your moments

If anyone knows the ins and outs, along with all the natural beauty locations of Hana, it would be a Maui
photographer. Most photographers spend a lot of time there honing their craft and therefore know all
the best places for photography. Many of these photographers also shoot weddings in Hana, so they
need to know background images, shadows and the weather. This is a great way to ensure you are
appearing in some incredible photos.

If you can’t afford a Maui photographer, then be sure to either rent or bring your own camera,
especially one that is waterproof and shoot your own. Be sure to have your battery charged, as well as
bring an extra battery and memory card, after all, it will be a long day.

Research A Hana Map

If you don’t hire a professional Maui photographer, then before heading out for your long drive, do your
homework and look over a map to plan from. Not only will this allow you to decide what roads to take,
but it will give you some great points of interest to see and expedite your visit. Most spots are indicated
near mile markers. It’s a very long day and if you are not prepared, you may spend it missing the things
that are important to you.

Hiking Boots

If you’re a hiking enthusiast or just a novice, Hana offers great hiking trails. These trails will take you
away from reality and allow you to lose yourself in nature and all its glory. However, think smart and
bring a pair of hiking boots as many of the trails you will be walking through include mud, brooks of
water and other semi-rough terrain. Also, be aware of bugs, and if you don’t want to be attacked by
them, bring bug spray and wear your socks up high.

Bring something to keep you Dry

Let’s face it, chances are you are going to get wet to some degree while in Hana, so prepare yourself
and bring something that you can use to either keep you dry or to dry off afterwards. This location is
one of the most rained on places worldwide, thus making it a humid rainforest. By chance you miss the
rain, the how can you resist taking advantage of swimming in some of the great swimming holes around,
not to mention getting close to the powerful waterfalls. For those who hike, if you hike the trails to the
various falls, you should expect to get wet from mist and splashing of water when it hits the ground,
assuming you get close enough.

Consumption Preparation

Since Hana is limited with options for your dining needs, it is highly recommended to pre-pack a meal or
two depending how long you plan to be in Hana. During your trip there is plenty of public land for you to
pull over, lay out a blanket and have a picnic. However, if you are taking the “Road to Hana” and plan on
eating before taking the highway, then perhaps you will want to stop in the town of Paia to satisfy your
needs with various little restaurants. In addition, consider packing up some water, because Hana can get
pretty humid and you will want to stay hydrated.