What is the best time and location for my photography session in Maui?

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What is the best time and location for photography in Maui?

We offer two sessions per day; the Sunrise Session which generally has a meet up time of 8:00 am and the Sunset Session meets an hour and 15 minutes before the sunsets. Meet times for sunset will vary slighting depending on the month of your photography session.

Is it best to do a morning session or sunset? I always tell my clients it’s a personal preference. Here’s a bit of information that might help you to decide what’s best for you. The Sunrise Session brings beautiful and vibrant colors to your session. We shoot this session early to avoid any heat the weather may have in store for us that day and to prevent contending with the onslaught of beach goers. The drawback to a morning shoot is absence of a Hawaiian sunset in your background. However, that is one of the advantages of the Sunset Session is that Maui produces different from day-to-day. The sunset sessions tend can tend to be looked at as a more romantic setting which is why many brides to be choose to tie the knot at sunset.
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Beach Locations-There are many beaches here in Maui that can make beautiful backdrops for photography. Most clients prefer to stay near their hotels, while others on the West side of Maui sometimes will consider making the drive to the South side. The South side is home to more selections of beaches to choose from for commercial photography.

The West side of Maui has some limitations on where you can take photos on the beach due to a law in place that prevents commercial photography on the beaches of Kaanapali. With that in mind the best places for photography on the West side is really limited to two locations: Kapalua Bay and IronWoods Beach. Ironwoods Beach is a wonderful location that offers a lot of diversity in backdrops, however the one drawback is you cannot see the sunset from that location, thus leaving only Kapalua Bay for a sunset shoot on the West side.

The most popular photography locations on the South side are: Makena Cove, Paipu Beach, Poolenalena or Makena Surf. There are many more beaches that make great locations, however some of them tend to be more populated.