Tips For Planning Your Honeymoon

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Tips For Planning Your Honeymoon

One definition of the word ‘Honeymoon’ as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “a trip or vacation taken by a newly married couple.” So what does it take to plan out the perfect honeymoon? Find a destination, do your research to plan your budget and plan ahead for your wants and needs.

Honeymoon Packages
There are many companies that offer package deals that appeal to those looking to go on their honeymoon and often these packages takes a lot of the guess work out the research and puts the couple’s minds to ease. This can serve as a positive because often the couple may not know a lot about where they are heading, and a package generally keeps the couple safe and full of options for a good time. Therefore, an ocean cruise or tours of your destination location can make a package offer an attractive option.
Studies show that on average, about 10% of newlyweds will book their honeymoon on an ocean cruise, about 37% will travel to a domestic location, while 63% plan to go overseas. In addition, 40% opt to stay at a resort, 27% will stay at a large sized hotel, and 10% will go low budget and stay in a small hotel.

Honeymoon Destinations
One of the more important aspects of your honeymoon is the destination you want to head off to. A honeymoon destination can be almost anywhere you want it to be. Perhaps you can stay local, within a drive’s length, or go off to a far away location by cruise ship or by plane. Often your honeymoon will be dictated by your budget, but if you plan and save early enough, no destination should be considered unattainable.
The more favorable honeymoon destination, especially for Americans, is usually Hawaii, such as the islands of Maui, Oahu or even Lanai. Other tropical climate locations are also considered a favorite, such as Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean, or even Australia.
Another option would be to base the wedding and/or honeymoon near one side’s family. In some cases, family cannot afford to fly in for the wedding, so instead the couple will marry in one location and honeymoon in the other. A honeymoon that has a further destination averages about 7-10 days. A stay local honeymoon can often last longer.

Hawaii Honeymoons
Here are 10 favorite things to do during a honeymoon in Hawaii, minus the romance of course:
– On the Big Island, visit the active Kilauea Volcano
– Ride on a helicopter tour over the island of Kauai
– Relax on the famous beaches on all of Hawaii’s islands
– Go whale watching
– Go snorkeling off the island of Molokini
– Bike down Maui’s Haleakala Mountain
– See Waimea Canyon on Kauai
– Play golf at any one of the world class courses in Hawaii
– Attend and participate in an authentic Polynesian Luau
– Dine and Shop in Waikiki

Honeymoon Registry
A honeymoon registry, or travel registry, started in the 1990’s as a service invented by travel agents. The idea behind it was to offer a way to reduce the amount you spend on your honeymoon. Instead of registering for household items, register for your honeymoon and allow people to donate money towards the cost of your honeymoon. When it first started, the idea was the travel agency would get your business and run the registry, but now with the internet, vendors have created website services to do the same thing without the middleman. For those who are familiar with building a site, can bypass a website provider.

Based on several studies, the average cost for a honeymoon is about $5,000 which can vary depending on several factors of the couple, such as income and the willingness to spend. After all, the couple may prefer to spend most of their money on a home instead of a vacation. Other ways to save on their wedding budget, which would leave more for their honeymoon, is to wed during the week instead of a weekend, limit the number of guests you invite or pass on a large venue and get married at home.
Leisure Activities for your Honeymoon

To enhance your time while on your honeymoon, depending on your destination and how much is spent on romance, you can look into the top five activities according to studies. They include:
– Visiting a place for the first time that includes restaurants, sightseeing, entertainment and the nightlife
– 75%
– Beaches and Lakes – 45%
– Casinos – 20%
– Cruises – 15%
– Golf/Sports Vacations – 10%