Honeymoon Portraits in Maui

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I received a call from Yoko, the owner of Maui Dream Vacations about one of her couples that recently were married in Japan and we’re coming to Maui for their honeymoon and wanted to have a photo session at Kapalua Bay in their wedding attire. 

 Yoko informed me that she would be there to interpret the session for the couple and to make sure things went smoothly. When Yoko introduced my assistant, “Trevor” and I to Tetsuya and Kaori we both looked at each other and said, “Awe, I love them”. They were just adorable and you could just feel their kindness in the air.  As we got into the photo session I found Tetsuya  to be very bubbly and we learned he spoke a tiny bit of English so we were able to connect a bit more. Kaori was very shy and traditional and looked amazing. We all laughed allot and I feel like even though our direct communication was somewhat limited through spoken words, we made a deep connection and for me it was friends for life. I hope to travel to Japan soon to reconnect with my new friends.

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