Intimate Beach Weddings

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        It’s always such a remarkable pleasure working with Fay at Aloha Weddings photographing her intimate beach weddings. She always has the loveliest wedding couples for us to work with. We met in the parking lot of Poolenalena Beach park and waited for the couple to arrive with their family in the limo. The intimate beach wedding was just in attendance by the families and friends of the lovely couple. The ceremony, like many, was relaxing and yet emotional, that it never fails to hit the heart for me as I see the tears of joy streaming down everyone’s faces.

      The wedding couple strolled through the beach after the ceremony and endlessly cherished each others souls in the arms of one another. I captured the breathtaking moments as the two effortlessly stood before the  sunset. I put my camera down and took a deep breath. I saw the amazing colors of soft pink and Sunkist orange beaming beautifully across the Brides’ light-tan skin and to the right of  her a honu(turtle). It’s shy little head peaked out of the water and I couldn’t help but think he was trying to say hi!

“How could there be any better place to celebrate the life of love than right here?” I thought to myself. There just simply isn’t.

      I followed the couple as they continued down the beach and I captured their footprints that sat so elegantly next to each others in the sand. The time had flown by so fast and when it was time to go I knew that this very day was going to be a memory that would be forever held in a special place of not only theirs’, by my heart too. It was a pleasure being a part of their intimate Maui beach wedding. I literally have the best job ever!


Wedding Photography by: Nicole

Photo Lighting Assistant: Trevor Natividad

Maui Wedding Coordinator: Fay Hovey


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