Destination Wedding

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When Valerie and Alexander decided to get married, they first envisioned a traditional wedding with friends and family. As time went on, the couple decided that an intimate wedding on the beach might be less stressful, so they decided to have a destination wedding in Maui. They live in the East Coast, so what better place would be spent for a warm tropical February other than the island of Maui. Traveling to Hawaii for a tropical outdoor beach wedding seemed like the perfect idea, so the couple contacted Fay at Aloha Maui Wedding who smoothly set up everything to include the licensing appointment, flowers, Minister, limousine and Photographer.

Robert Boscoe,  our minister, had waited in the parking lot with me and Faye, for the wedding couple to arrive in the limo. We headed down to the south end of Makena Surf which is located in Wailea to begin. At the end of the wedding ceremony, a tear beneath the eye’s of the bride, who was holding hands with her groom during the sensational kiss, had fallen onto her wondrous long wedding dress. What was adoration, was now true love!

After Robert and Fay left, it was time to begin the fun of Maui wedding photography. The two had walked down the beach, holding hands, while talking and enjoying the laughter of one another. Looking back at the Maui wedding photos from that special moment, I couldn’t help but smile because I could see how in love the two were.

It was a pleasure meeting Alexander and Valerie, and I hope they loved their Maui wedding photos as much as I did. It is such an honor to be trusted to capture the moments of a couples’ most important day together. Thank You Robert Boscoe for giving a light hearted, fun and romantic ceremony; Faye from Aloha Maui Weddings ; Jana Hoehn from Maui Floral Elegance for your beautiful arrangement of flowers; and Trevor Natividad, my assistant here at Behind The Lens Maui, for your hard work and determination.

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