Beach Wedding Photos

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Anne Elizabeth Fisher and Timothy Reese met each other while working for the same company in Illinois. It didn’t take long to see that they were meant for one another. The couple envisioned an intimate beach wedding and decided to make their dream come true.  After careful planning they booked their flight to Maui to have their dream wedding in paradise.

The couple decided that Makena Cove also known as “Secret Beach” was the perfect location for their beach wedding.  As a beach wedding photographer, I was pretty happy knowing the location was going to be the perfect spot for their wedding photos on the beach.  The couple was able to secure Reverend Laki as their Maui minister. Laki was a perfect match and soon had Ann and Tim laughing and crying tears of joy throughout the wedding ceremony. After the couple signed their wedding license we made our way around the cove to capture some loving moments between them. We first started by climbing up on the lava rocks to take a few photos of the couple with Molokini the background.  We then made our way across the beach dogging the beach goers and other wedding ceremonies and found a nice spot away from everyone else so the couple could relax and have a moment to themselves.  I backed off so the couple could have some alone time and was able to capture them giggling and whispering to each. They really made it easy for me to take their wedding photos as you can see from the photos below.

As the sun began to set into the sea, the sky filled with multiple colors such as shades of orange, red and purples. This couldn’t have been a more beautiful wedding to capture on film for this Maui wedding photographer.



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