Same Sex Wedding

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The state of Hawaii honors “equality “and same sex weddings in our state has been legal since December of 2013. Although I have personally only shot a handful of weddings since the law was in place, I remain hopeful more couples will decided to come to paradise and get Married in Maui.  

Fay Hovey of Aloha Maui Gay Weddings contact me about a sweet couple getting married on the lawn at Merriman’s restaurant in Kapalua Bay.   The couple who are both US Marshalls decided that a intimate Maui wedding would be the perfect venue for them with only their closest friends and family in attendance. 

The ceremony was beautifully facilitated by Reverend Fay Hovey bringing tears of joy to the couple and their friends who luckily had their tissues on hand.  Their love was easy to capture on film and as a Maui wedding photographer my job was effortless with this couple. The ceremony was followed by hugs and kisses while waiters arrived seamlessly with drinks for a group toast overlooking the ocean.  Following family photos, we  then took the couple down to the rocks alongside of Merriman’s  and captured some wonderful moments of emotion between the couple. As the sun was setting into the ocean, the couple built a heart out of the white coral which made for a lovely photo of them. Once the sun settled into the ocean we brought the couple to the restaurant where they greeted their guests. The wedding photography concluded with shots of the couple cutting their wedding cake and feeding it to one another.

If you’re a same sex couple thinking of getting married in Maui,  Merriman’s in Kapalua is a lovely location for your Maui wedding photography.

Maui Wedding Photography: Behind The Lens Maui

 Lighting Assistant- Trevor Natividad

 Wedding Coordination: Aloha Maui Gay Weddings






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