Easy To Love You

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There are clients that you meet and instantly connect with, everything just seems to flows naturally.  This wedding couple was one of those intimate beach weddings that delivered an instant internal connection.   The wedding was supposed to be held ” Secret Beach / Makena Cove at sunset but, when we arrived it was very crowded with multiple weddings happening all at the same time.  We made the decision to make a short drive to another location and to see if we could find a spot that was a bit more secluded and we did. We ended up at the far end of Makena Surf #1 near the rocks. The location ended up being the perfect spot, we lucked out and had the spot all to ourselves making it an ideal situation for me, as a Maui Wedding Photographer.

Following the ceremony we spent time taking family photos and then went right into couples photos as the began to settle into the the water for a nice sunset. The couple was very easy to work with since the couple was completly focused on each other, you can tell they were trurly in love.






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