Same Sex Wedding

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I had a call from one of my fellow photographers, “Penny Palmer” saying she had a same sex wedding that she was not able to accommodate due to already being booked and asked if I was available. Thankfully, I had the date still open and jumped into action and phoned to learn more about the couple.  After a few e-mails back in forth the couple decided that our wedding packages fit within their budget. I enjoyed our conversations and was looking forward to meeting the couple.  When we met in person, I instantly loved the couple and knew it was a great match.  The first thing I noticed was that Dino and Jon are meant to be together, you could just feel the love in the air and the way they looked into one another’s eyes seriously gave me goosebumps,  it was amazing to chosen as their Maui wedding photographer.

The couple decided a destination wedding in Maui would be perfect as they used to live on island and have several close friends who happily gathered for their intimate ceremony at Paipu beach in South Maui.  We walked to the far north end of the beach to get away from beach goers and found the perfect cove all to ourselves. It was a bit cloudy and overcast that day and the waves were pretty big so we had a small space for their beach ceremony.  The ceremony was very touching, the couple along with their friends laughed and cried tears of happiness.  We had a great time taking couples photos together after the ceremony, we climbed on the rocks, got hit by waves and managed to get some wonderful memories caught on film.

Maui Photographer- Nicole Sanchez

Lighting Assistant- Trevor Natividad



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