Gannon’s Wedding Maui

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It was a small destination wedding for these two who decided to fly to Maui for their wedding. Joseph and Christina had their closest friends and family in attendance the ceremony was held at Gannon’s lower lawn overlooking Wailea. The ceremony started with Reverend Robert blowing the conch shell and the bride walked eloquently in from the top of the grassy hill into the ceremony. There Hawaiian wedding singer Jimi Canha sang to the couple and the ceremony began. The bride’s parents were joyful and the groom’s father filled with love as he watched his daughter get married. This was defiantly an emotional moment for the couple, their family and friends as there were moments of laughter, tears and loving smiles. After the ceremony the family embraced the newly married couple and then made their way back to Gannon’s for drinks while, the videographer. ” Wangdu Hovey” and I swept the couple off to take their wedding photos at a nearby beach called Poolenalena.

The couple seem lost into one another and so, it make my job as a Maui wedding photographer much easier to capture some tender moments. It’s always nice to walk away from a wedding feeling good about being there to capture true love on film. Wishing you the best of everything, cheers to you both for a long happy life together.

 Wedding Coordinator: Fay at Aloha Maui Weddings

Lighting Assistant for Behind The Lens Maui: Trevor Natividad

Maui Wedding Photography by: Nicole Sanchez

Second Photographer: Naomi D Sheikin


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