Wedding Rainbow

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This lovely couple traveled to have intimate Maui Wedding at Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua. The weather was looking like it wanted to rain but we were hoping it would hold off so the couple could say there “I do’s“. We were lucky; we indeed made it through the entire ceremony without a raindrop, but as soon as we started taking couples photos on the beach, the clouds came in and it poured for about ten minutes. My assistant struggled to keep our equipment from getting drenched, so he decided to bolt to the car and grab a giant umbrella that the owner of Planet Sun gave us for these kinds of situations. The umbrella certainly came in handy! We were able to protect the gear from the down pour, and our couple’s hair and cloths kept dry. As the clouds disappeared, we continued with our wedding photos and noticed a lovely rainbow that had appeared, (which of course made for great wedding photos). We have rainbows on Maui everyday but it was certainly awesome timing to have one for our Maui wedding couple.



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