Romantic Engagement Shoot

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The idea of a romantic week on Maui had been something Joshua Stomacher and Bethany Harding from New York had dreamed of. The day their dream become a reality, Bethany contacted us at Behind the Lens Maui about engagement photos during their visit. Bethany explained that they were a bit shy about taking photos but that they wanted them to be more natural looking. We set up a consultation and used Pinterest while on the phone together. Bethany shared some of her ideas, helping me to get a good feel for the photographic style she was looking for. We were able to capture the couple easily, their love for one another was obvious and a click here and there between their giggles and kisses they made my job as a Maui photography simple. Thank you for choosing us to capture your couple’s photos and we wish you both the best in your life together now and in the future as husband and wife.

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