Romantic Engagement Shoot

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The idea of a romantic week on Maui had been something Joshua Stomacher and Bethany Harding from New York had dreamed of. The day their dream become a reality, Bethany contacted us at Behind the Lens Maui about engagement photos during their visit. Bethany explained that they were a bit shy about taking photos but that they wanted them to be more natural looking. We set up a consultation and used Pinterest while on the phone together. Bethany shared some of her ideas, helping me to get a good feel for the photographic style she was looking for. We were able to capture the couple easily, their love for one another was obvious and a click here and there between their giggles and kisses they made my job as a Maui photography simple. Thank you for choosing us to capture your couple’s photos and we wish you both the best in your life together now and in the future as husband and wife.

Kapalua Bay Family Portraits

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We are often asked if we do family reunions and or family photography for large groups. We have a talented photography team at Behind The Lens Maui and recommend for groups over ten that you consider one of our larger family photo packages for your Maui family photos that has two photographers. This family of 19 took our advice and and dedicated 1 hour and 45 minutes with us at Kapalua Bay. Kapalua Bay is located in West Maui and is an diverse with a multitude of backdrops for a family photo session.

Our photography team enjoyed working with this family who engaged in the session allowing us get these amazing shots. We are very happy the whole family was able to travel together to Maui to come enjoy Hawaii and have their family portraits taken with us at Behind The Lens Maui.

One Year Anniversary on Maui

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Another beautiful day in Maui for one -year wedding anniversary photos. We met the couple early in the morning at Twin Falls arriving before they opened to avoid the crowds. We have worked with Jennifer and Louis twice before capturing their Maui wedding and a trash the dress session last year. Jennifer and Louis are clearly a very happy couple enjoying every moment with each other while gazing out at the waterfall. We were able to get spectacular shots of the light pouring between the branches of the trees. Thankfully we were able to work with this fantastic couple and get the images that they will be able to look back at and relive their wedding anniversary in Maui.

Senior Portrait on the Maui Shore

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Our past wedding client from California brought her beautiful teenage daughter to Maui for the holidays and decided to have her Senior Portraits taken while in Maui. As Autumn became more at ease, she moved naturally in front of the camera as she strolled along the beach front at Poolenalena Beach in South Maui. As a senior year of high school, exciting experiences await this beautiful young lady, sky’s the limit. It was such a pleasure to get to know her, and we are truly thankful and appreciate that when our past clients bring us new ones. Our team at Behind The Lens Maui wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you for taking your Maui Senior Portraits with us.

Our Special Day

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Ali and Maggie decided a destination Maui wedding would be the perfect location for their wedding.   After weighing their options, the couple decided to tie the knot on the lower knoll at Gannon’s restaurant in Wailea. The venue delivers a breathtaking view colorful bougainvilleas, palm trees, and panoramic view to include the island of Kaho’olawe and Molokini in the distance. The wedding location provided the lush and romantic setting for the couple to exchange vows and becoming coming husband and wife. With close family in attendance their special day was filled with tears of joy and laughter as they became united as one.

Congratulations to this lovely couple on their Maui Wedding day.








Wedding at Makena Cove

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I had the pleasure of capturing these two love birds recently for their intimate beach wedding at ” Makena Cove”. Makena Cove is also known as “Secret beach” which is one of the most popular wedding beaches on Maui. Makena Cove has a unique combination of white sand beach, dramatic lava rocks, palm trees and tropical foliage. This location offers breathtaking views of Molokini and Kaho’olawe, and offers a gorgeous backdrop for your ceremony at any time of day

The wedding for two was very romantic and the couple could not be more photogenic as you can see from the lovely wedding photos below.


Wedding Coordination: Your Aloha Maui Wedding

 On site Coordinator: Tara Murphy

Maui Photography: Nicole Sanchez

Lighting Assistant: Trevor Natividad

Maui Vow Renewal

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I was lucky enough to have been hired to capture, ” True Love” for this couples marriage vows. After 25 years together, it seems that their love has transpired into a level of love that I’ve never been witnessed to before. It was so intense during the  wedding ceremony that both my assistant and I had to put down the cameras to take it all in for a moment. I stood there for what seemed like several seconds with happy tears in my eyes and the hair on my arms standing on end. I’ve captured numerous weddings and vow renewals working as a Wedding photographer on Maui for many years and have never witnessed this level of love.  The vibrations of love in the air, left me breathless. I am forever greatful to have been chosen as their Maui photographer.

Evolving Maui Photographer

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Over the years I’ve developed a thriving business, shooting family portraits and weddings on Maui. I went from shooting solo, to employing an assistant for myself. We’ve had numerous lighting assistants over the years, but two years ago a handsome, local boy decided to give the job a try while waiting to become a Maui police officer.


When Trevor started to work with me, he didn’t know how to turn on the camera, let alone format the SD card, or change the lens on the camera. The art of illuminating a subject with an artificial lighting source was completely foreign to him.  In what I consider a short time, Trevor was up and running with little direction, and proved to be a true asset to Behind The Lens Maui. One day, Trevor came to me and said, “I’ve learned that I love photography, and that I’d like the opportunity to learn more. I want to be a photographer. ” I noticed a steady change in Trevor. He was more focused and dedicated to the position, and we were becoming a team. I began to give Trevor the camera when I didn’t need him on the lights, and he began to explore exposure, depth of field, shutter speed, and how they all work together with the natural lighting conditions. We started to have dialog about what was working and not working, and how changing the focal point of a shot could enhance the subject.

Today was a milestone for Trevor and Behind The Lens Maui; putting Trevor in the lead photographer position for this couples vow renewal. I am more than proud of Trevor, and can’t wait to see him expand onto shooting completely solo by next year. Trevor is an up and coming Maui photographer, and is going to give us long time photographers a run for the money.




Honeymoon Photos

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It was a beautiful afternoon for a honeymoon photo session.  Wilson and Tina recently were married in Southern California, and decided that Maui was the perfect place for their honeymoon photos.  Since they were honeymooning in paradise, the couple decided to set up a portrait session.

Since they were staying in South Maui, I recommended they do their photo session at Poolenalena Beach; which was just minutes away from their hotel.  Poolenalena beach is an ideal spot for a photography session, as it sets right next to a great spot called, “Paipu” beach, and you can literally hit two locations within the hour of a photography session.  This combination of the two locations is perfect because you have great greenery, a long stretch of white sand, and you also have a rustic feel along the trail to Paipu, where the Kiawe trees outline the trail.

I had a great time with Wilson and Tina! They were super easy to capture; they are so in love, and I am super excited to show them their honeymoon photos from Maui. I am very happy to have been chosen as their Maui photographer.




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Gracie and Thomas Li arrived by limo just before their wedding ceremony at Gannon’s in Wailea.  The wedding was held on the lower grassy knoll, with their family and closest friends looking on, providing their love and support.

The wedding was officiated by Reverend Fay Hovey who delivered a heartfelt ceremony which everyone felt. We captured a group photo of everyone, as well as family photos, following the ceremony. Then, Wangdu Hovey, the videographer, and I whisked the couple down to Poolenalena Beach to capture the couple as the sun set into the ocean. We finished the wedding photography back at Gannon’s for the couple’s reception for cake and a champagne toast.