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Ian’s Story

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I picked up photography as my sole career in 2005, and haven’t put it down since. What started as a fascination with art blended with technology became a way of life. The elegance of the way numbers blend to create a beautiful image by painting with light and understanding its facets was my favorite part for a long time. Until that all became subconscious and I realized the people I was working with were all incredible in their own right. A sort of social renaissance brought me into understanding the gravity of my chosen mantle.
Looking up from the technical art, I began meeting and gaining friends in my clients. I feel it’s a requisite to make a social connection to a person in the little time you have to really see them as a human being. Seeing them, as they are, to flick a shutter and pause time. A specific focal point and instant in time, evoking thought and emotion through an image. As an artist, I feel I’ve found my canvas and am fulfilled every day I’m privileged enough to practice it. I love what I do, and I can’t wait to do it for you.
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