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Nicole’s Story

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Before becoming a Maui wedding photographer, Nicole was raised in Southern California, where her passion for shooting photography began at age 15. With her family’s encouragement, Nicole got her first photography job taking children’s portraits and working with a local wedding and studio photographer. She then enrolled in college to pursue an education that would allow her to combine her talent and passion with a future career. Nicole studied photojournalism in Fullerton, California and was active on the campus newspaper and magazine as a photographer and photo editor. During her time in college, Nicole won several awards for her photography state wide and served as an intern for the Orange County Register Newspaper. After college she continued shooting photography in different areas of life, such as fashion and sports, thus adding to her repertoire.
Since then, Nicole has moved to the island of Maui in Hawaii, where she has focused on wedding photography, Maui family portraits of many styles and the island itself. With her laid back attitude and styles, Nicole creates an atmosphere for her clients that put them at ease. Nicole is professional, prompt and goes all out to be sure her clients are satisfied. Working with Nicole will not only give you one less thing to worry about, but she will help take your event to a whole new level.
Nicole continuously changes with the times and with new technologies, but like most other photographers, she still has a passion for the darkroom and the developing of photographs. As mentioned, Nicole’s experience is widespread and has blossomed as a Maui photographer. She has experience in weddings (in all settings), studio photography, celebrity parties and sports action; which includes extreme water sports. Many of her photos have appeared in newspapers, magazines, internet web sites and the Discovery Channel. Her passion for Maui Wedding Photography and Maui Family Portrait Photography shows in her photos.
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