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Just a few photos to hold you over till I get caught up on all the editing from the past two weeks. Once I get caught up, I’ll be posting some great shots from each Maui Wedding.

Bridesmaid And Groomsmen Gift Suggestions For You To Consider

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Bridesmaid And Groomsmen Gift Suggestions For You To Consider   Gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen; don’t you have enough to think about? You’re getting married and find yourself with many detailed items to do that it can become very overwhelming. Make yourself a checklist that you can work off of so that you can stay organized. To give yourself … Read More

Money Dance

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Money Dance According to one custom, when arranged marriages were common, the Groom collected a dowry only after his marriage was consummated. The money dance insured that the couple would have some money before they left their wedding reception. According to another wedding tradition, the people of the village gave gifts of pottery, livestock, and garden plants to the newlyweds … Read More

Maui Photographer, Client Reviews

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Maui wedding photographer, Nicole Sanchez, of Behind the Lens Maui, made us feel very comfortable before, during, and after the wedding. She provided advice on the location, explained all details of what we would get and what to expect, and maintained contact as we got closer to the date. She was extremely quick to post our wedding photos (less than … Read More

Maui Wedding Photographer, Reviews

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My husband and I were pleased to have chosen Behind The Lens Maui as our Maui wedding photographer. Behind The Lens Maui not only provided excellent affordable photography packages, but also provided a small wedding package.. which was what my husband and I were looking for! Behind the Lens Maui handled everything from A to Z.. from coordinating the marriage … Read More

“Tie the Knot”

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“Tie the Knot” To “Tie the Knot”, came from the Roman times when the bride wore a girdle that was tied into knots which the groom had the fun of untying.

Who invented the idea of getting engaged before a wedding?

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The engagement was also invented by the ancient Egyptians, for the couple to get to know each other better, and see that they were indeed compatible. The marriage contract stipulated all rights of both the bride and groom, and their duties as well, so they knew what to expect before the wedding itself.

Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake During the days of the Roman empire, wedding cakes were baked of wheat or barley. At the reception, they were traditionally broken over the head of the new Bride by the Groom as a symbol of her fertility. Guests would then scramble for pieces of the cake, and take them home for good luck. It later became a … Read More

History of the Wedding Dress


Wedding Dress And Its Place In History As decades change, so do the wedding dress and the wedding gown. At times, we see these wedding dresses change along to match the culture for that particular era. Other times it’s because women, or designers, want to make their own mark. For the decades of the 1950’s and 60’s, this attitude was … Read More

Wedding Dress

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Wedding Dress And Its Mark On America For decades the wedding dress and the wedding gown, along with wedding hairstyles and accessories, have grown and matured as women continue to look their absolute best for their very special day. From the 1920’s through the 1940’s women’s styles began to give her an independent identity. 1920’s In the 1920’s, hairstyles for … Read More