Looking for your Maui photographer

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If your planning on getting married in Maui and are looking for your Maui wedding photographer please copy and paste this in a e-mail to me and I will get back to you. Hi Nicole, I am __________( Your Name ), I think I might be getting married on __________( Date ), at the amazing __________(Venue), in __________ ( Island … Read More

Hair stles for Summer 2009

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Fun Summer Hair Styles for 2009 Rich color and precision cuts are the hot hair news for Summer ’09 …. The pony tail and bob continue to be hot looks, with new precision cuts coming to the forefront this year as the summer of ’09 heats up … SUMMER COLOR Veering sharply away from the subtle coloring of the past, … Read More

Maui Wedding Tips

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TIPS FOR THE BRIDE AND GROOM ~ Before you leave home ~ What kind of couple are you? Do you enjoy quiet, romantic moments? Do you love humor or adventure? Are you homebodies or party animals? The best wedding photos will reflect the special essence of your relationship. Keep this in mind: Research – Use the web, magazines, your friends’ … Read More

Summer Weddings

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May through August is the number one most popular time of year to get married, and for good reason too. Summer weddings are full of sunshine and warmth, and allow you to get married outside in good weather. Take full advantage of the season and all it has to offer you when planning your summer wedding with these tips and … Read More

Maui Wedding Locations

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There are many beautiful locations to consider getting married at in Maui. Below I’ve outlined a several locations that you might want to consider. Maui Wedding Locations: Bellstone Highway 340 West Maui This large volcanic rock sitting on the side of the road has an unusual capability – it sounds like a bell when struck in the right spot. There … Read More

Maui Sunset Times- Maui Weddings

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First of Month Sunset   Middle of Month Sunset   January 1st   6:01 pm January 15th  6:11 pm February 1st 6:22 pm February 15th 6:30 pm March 1st 6:36 pm  March 15th 6:41 pm April 1st 6:46 pm April 15th 6:51 pm May 1st 6:57 pm May 15th 7:05 pm June 1st 7:10 pm June 15th 7:17 pm July 1st … Read More

Maui Wedding Photographer- Wedding Disasters

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Maui Wedding Photographer- Wedding Disaters Small Disasters, Large Disasters, and Opportunities Disasters are going to range from small to large. Anything can happen on a wedding day. The flower girl might wet her pants or the groom might faint, forget his vows, or forget where the church is and what time he is supposed to be there. Using your potential … Read More

Maui Weddings

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Maui Weddings Wedding planning helps to avoid disasters on your most special day. But despite all efforts to achieve a perfect wedding there will always be small hiccups along the road that could turn your day into a major disaster! With proper planning and a simple change in your priorities you will be able to relax and actually enjoy marrying … Read More