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One of the most important things in Planing your Maui Wedding is the actual location of your wedding. In determining where you want to tie the knot, I would recommend you look at the following locations for an out door wedding. When you ready to book your wedding please consider my services for you big day. Aloha! Nicole Behind The … Read More

Maui Wedding Photographer- Your Maui Wedding

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Book before Jan 2, 2009 and get 2008 Prices 808. 205-2366 Wedding Info: Each wedding party has different expectations when it comes to photography. So, rather than limiting you to choose a preset package, we charge an image creation fee based on the amount of time spent. We will consult with you first to learn about your expectations and work … Read More

Prepare for your Marriage

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Prepare for Your Marriage, Not Just the Wedding By Susanne M. Alexander With literally hundreds of details to remember in preparing for a wedding, you might forget a very important step: marriage preparation, a research-proven step that contributes to lasting marriages. When we are madly in love and dreaming of special dresses and wedding music, it can be easy to … Read More