Trash The Dress

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Candace and David Watson decided they wanted to do a” Trash The Dress” photo session while in Maui with their family. We started the couples’ photography session on the grassy knoll, which overlooks the ocean in front of the Montage Hotel in Kapalua. We then slowly made our way down to beach, capturing the beauty of Kapalua Beach Bay. Working with … Read More

Beach Wedding

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This particular couple booked their Maui wedding through, ” Aloha Maui Weddings” .  With that in mind, I didn’t have the pleasure of talking to them and getting to know them before their beach wedding. We actually met for the first time in the parking lot  at Makena Surf #1 the day day of their wedding and walked down to … Read More

The Diamond Ring, Weddings

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The Diamond Ring, Weddings As a Maui Wedding Photographer, I capture allot of proposals and wedding ceremonies. I can’t tell you how important the right ring shot is to a bride. Did you know, he first known diamond engagement ring on record was in 1477 when Mary of Burgundy was proposed to by King Maximilian I of Germany. The diamond … Read More

Wedding Trivia For The Ancient Times

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Wedding Trivia For The Ancient Times Couples in ancient times were often married near some sort of water source such as a lake, river or holy well, believed to be favored by the Celtic gods. All the wedding guests were each given small stones to cast into the water while making a wish for the couple’s future happiness. I think … Read More

The Brides Wedding Dress

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Wearing a new white dress to be used only for a wedding ceremony is a tradition that is only about 150 years old. Before that, few women could afford a dress they would wear only once. • White traditionally symbolizes youth and innocence.

Maui Love at Kapalua

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Maui Love at Kapalua Congratulations to Matt and Jessica on their Maui Beach Wedding at Kapalua Beach in Hawaii. It was fun to photograph the couple on their big day. Maui Photographer- Nicole Sanchez

Discovering Hana And Six Tips To Make It Enjoyable

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Discovering Hana And Six Tips To Make It Enjoyable (Part Three) If planned right, a trip along the “Road to Hana” can be an exhilarating one. However, if you are not prepared, then your day in the sun can go awry leaving you with a down taste to it. Here are six tips to make your day in Hana a … Read More

Six Tips To Enhance Your Trip To Hana

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Six Tips To Enhance Your Trip To Hana You’re vacationing on Maui and the day has come for your first trip on the “Road to Hana,” but other than some promotional material, you don’t know what to expect. Read all you can about what to expect so that your experience is a memorable one, and for the better at that. … Read More

Maui Wedding Photographer

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A Little Dance On The Beach Never Hurt Anything. As a Maui Wedding Photographer, you always appreciate a fun crowd. This bunch decided to dance on the beach.

Maui Wedding in Wailea

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Congratulations to Brianna and Sunny who were married this week on Maui. They had 40 guests who attended their destination wedding on Maui and planned every detail themselves without a wedding coordinator. It was an honor to be their wedding photographer. Their Maui Wedding took place at Gannon’s lower lawn mid day with the sun bright and overhead creating a … Read More