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Gracie and Thomas Li arrived by limo just before their wedding ceremony at Gannon’s in Wailea.  The wedding was held on the lower grassy knoll, with their family and closest friends looking on, providing their love and support. The wedding was officiated by Reverend Fay Hovey who delivered a heartfelt ceremony which everyone felt. We captured a group photo of everyone, as … Read More

Intimate Beach Wedding

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I love being a Maui Wedding Photographer because of weddings like this one. There are times when you meet a couple and they just have a spark between them, that look of “Love” in their eyes. I can’t think of anything better to capture on film. The minister and I met this couple only moments before their Intimate beach wedding … Read More

Destination Wedding

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We are from Calgary, Canada, right near the Rocky Mountains. We share our home and life with our furbabies, Roxy & Chloe. Together, we have checked off many bucket list items such as dogsledding, ziplining, white water rafting, bungee jumping, and going for helicopter rides. Over the past 6 years we have traveled to many amazing destinations including Mexico, Europe, … Read More

Family Portraits at Makena Cove

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A Family Portrait Session at Makena Cove Beach, Maui Hawaii Leianne and Noel Bouillet traveled from the cold weather of Canada to Maui, Hawaii for a family vacation with their two lovely daughters. They enjoyed the beauty of Maui, traveled the road to Hana and enjoyed the numerous beaches that Maui has to offer. Their Maui family photo session was … Read More

Things To Consider Before The Wedding

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 Things To Consider Before The Wedding   A wedding engagement is a big deal in any couple’s lives. Sometimes you can be so in love with someone that you may miss the big picture. There’s always that excitement in the beginning where love sometimes can become confused with lust and the pageantry of it all. Therefore, before you put a … Read More

Why do we tie shoe on out cars when we get married?


Shoes on Vehicle: Ancient Romans used to transfer to the Groom his authority over his Bride when her Father gave the Groom her shoes. In later years, guests threw their own shoes at the newlyweds to signify this transfer of authority. Today, this tradition is kept alive by simply tying old shoes to the back of the newlywed’s vehicle before … Read More

“Tie the Knot”

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“Tie the Knot” To “Tie the Knot”, came from the Roman times when the bride wore a girdle that was tied into knots which the groom had the fun of untying.

Wedding Traditions of the Middle East; Cypress to Iraq

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Wedding Traditions of the Middle East; Cypress to Iraq Wedding traditions in the Middle East brings together many cultures and various religious overtones. For the countries of Cypress, Iran and Iraq, these cultural and religious traditions are steeped in long tradition. Cypress For the village of Kilani, an old tradition was that the bride’s family will hand out specially made … Read More

Maui Wedding Photography

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It’s been a bit of a raining winter so far this year in Maui.  We’ve had flash floods, lightning, thunder and allot of rain. I turned out to be a beautiful day at Kapalua Bay even after all the strange weather.  A great day for Maui wedding photography is always nice.

Maui Destination Wedding

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Another beautiful Maui wedding day at Kapalua Beach. We had to postpone this wedding a day due to bad weather however, we were all able to adjust our schedules and make it happen for this Arizona couple on their Maui Destination Wedding. As a Maui Wedding Photographer, your always hoping for a fun and playful couple such as these two … Read More