Wedding Traditions, Tossing Rice

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Tossing Rice Believing newlyweds brought good luck, guests used to shower them with nuts and grains to insure a bountiful harvest and many children to work the land. During years of a poor harvest, rice was tossed instead. This tradition continues today with rice or birdseed (where permitted), or bubbles to wish the Bride and Groom much happiness. Incidentally, it … Read More

Wedding Traditions of the Middle East; Cypress to Iraq

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Wedding Traditions of the Middle East; Cypress to Iraq Wedding traditions in the Middle East brings together many cultures and various religious overtones. For the countries of Cypress, Iran and Iraq, these cultural and religious traditions are steeped in long tradition. Cypress For the village of Kilani, an old tradition was that the bride’s family will hand out specially made … Read More

Wedding Traditions of South America’s East Region

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Wedding Traditions of South America’s East Region Wedding traditions in South America can share many of the same values and traditions of the western world, but yet continue its own traditions and customs by integrating them. Along the east coast of South America, the wedding traditions of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay have adapted to the new world, and yet still … Read More

Wedding Day Superstitions

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Superstitions about Weddings Wedding Day Superstitions and Traditions BRIDAL SHOWER The first gift the bride opens should be the first gift she uses. Everything the bride says as she opens her gifts will be repeated on her wedding night. Somone should be assigned to write down these comments during the shower. The person who gives the third gift to be … Read More

Wedding bouquets

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Wedding bouquets were originally made of strong herbs (thyme and garlic) to frighten away evil spirits, and to cover the stench emitting from people who had not bathed recently! [Flowers —the presence of flowers in the wedding ceremony symbolizes fertility, new life and never ending love.]


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The word “wed” is derived from the ancient Greek word for “pledge.” And that’s exactly what a wedding is, no matter what country it takes place in, no matter what culture it’s part of. To wed is to pledge yourself to another. There are few acts we perform that are more pure or more beautiful than the act of marriage.