Fun Facts About American Weddings

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Fun Facts About American Weddings Have you ever wondered about the more popular, and least popular, aspects of American weddings? What about the honeymoon? How much do various aspects of a wedding cost? After all, if you are getting married, you may not know what to expect. Just remember, do what is right for you. Here are some fun facts … Read More

Five Wedding Facts

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In the United States alone, approximately 7,000 couples marry daily. According to the city of Las Vegas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day are their two busiest days to get married. Ancient Romans were known to study pig entrails in hopes to determine the luckiest time of the year to marry. The marriage between the son of Sheik Rashid Bin … Read More

Wedding Facts- Did you Know?

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Working as a Maui Wedding Photographer, I capture hundreds of weddings a year. Some Maui Weddings are small and intimate while others are lavish and held at private estates with over a hundred guests. I often wondered how do people afford weddings today. In many of today’s societies, money is saved to pay for weddings in the same manner that … Read More

15 Interesting American Wedding Facts

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Did You Know… 15 Interesting American Wedding Facts Did you know that American weddings are often scoffed at by other countries as we have “Westernized” the tradition of weddings? Its little tidbits of information that makes traditions interesting. Here are 15 facts about the American wedding you may enjoy. 1. Close to $72 billion is spent annually on weddings in … Read More

Wedding Facts

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Did you know that early Brides and Bridesmaids wore similar dresses in order to confuse evil spirits? How about this one… The word, “Wedding” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “wedd” that meant a man would marry a woman and pay the Bride’s father.

Wedding Traditions Of The Oceana’s

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Wedding Traditions Of The Oceana’s Wedding traditions in the area of the world known as the Oceana region, which includes Australia and New Zealand, are no different than any other country when it comes to their wedding traditions. For many outsiders to this region, Australia and New Zealand are known for their differences, such as the kangaroo, koala bear and … Read More