A Maui Bride

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I had the pleasure of photographing my friends wedding last weekend. She looked so beautiful getting ready and even more beautiful when she was ready.   There’s nothing like a Maui wedding.

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First of Month Sunset   Middle of Month Sunset   January 1st   6:01 pm January 15th  6:11 pm February 1st 6:22 pm February 15th 6:30 pm March 1st 6:36 pm  March 15th 6:41 pm April 1st 6:46 pm April 15th 6:51 pm May 1st 6:57 pm May 15th 7:05 pm June 1st 7:10 pm June 15th 7:17 pm July 1st … Read More

Prepare for your Marriage

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Prepare for Your Marriage, Not Just the Wedding By Susanne M. Alexander With literally hundreds of details to remember in preparing for a wedding, you might forget a very important step: marriage preparation, a research-proven step that contributes to lasting marriages. When we are madly in love and dreaming of special dresses and wedding music, it can be easy to … Read More