Beach Wedding

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This particular couple booked their Maui wedding through, ” Aloha Maui Weddings” .  With that in mind, I didn’t have the pleasure of talking to them and getting to know them before their beach wedding. We actually met for the first time in the parking lot  at Makena Surf #1 the day day of their wedding and walked down to … Read More

Wedding Traditions Of A French Wedding

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Wedding Traditions Of A French Wedding (Part Two)   Wedding Reception In France, the traditional wedding cake was the croquembouche, but today it is known as the la piece montee. These cakes are small pastry puffs that are filled with crème and stacked in a pyramid, then covered with spun sugar and a caramel glaze. A traditional reception in France … Read More

Wedding Traditions Of A French Wedding (PART ONE)

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Wedding Traditions Of A French Wedding The wedding traditions in the country of France can be traced back to many years ago, and although some wedding traditions have been introduced in modern times, France’s steep history still shines through today, after all, it is known for love. Wedding Dress The French women throughout the renaissance and medieval periods wore decorated … Read More

TheTradition of the Bridal Shower

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 The Tradition of the Bridal Shower: Back in the days when weddings were arranged by family members, a poor Dutchman fell in love with a girl whose father refused her a dowry. Their friends showered her with enough gifts to help them start a household. According to another lore, the first “Bridal Shower” occurred at the end of the 19th century. … Read More

Wedding Photography Can Make Or Break Your Memories

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Wedding Photography Can Make Or Break Your Memories   Wedding photography is just one of many items to consider when planning your wedding. However, what sets it apart from other aspects are its lasting impressions. Years after your wedding is over, a ruined cake or wilted flowers will no longer be an issue, but your wedding photos will either continue … Read More

The Wedding Ring

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Wedding Ring According to some historians, the first recorded marriage rings date back to the days when early man tied plaited circlets around the Bride’s wrists and ankles to keep her spirit from running away. Approximately 3,000 BC, Egyptians originated the phrase “without beginning, without end” in describing the significance of the wedding ring. These rings were made of woven … Read More

“Tie the Knot”

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“Tie the Knot” To “Tie the Knot”, came from the Roman times when the bride wore a girdle that was tied into knots which the groom had the fun of untying.

Maui Photographer Blog, Wedding Cakes

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Wedding Cake Also during the days of the Roman empire, wedding cakes were baked of wheat or barley. At the reception, they were traditionally broken over the head of the new Bride by the Groom as a symbol of her fertility. Guests would then scramble for pieces of the cake, and take them home for good luck. It later became … Read More

Wedding Traditions of South America’s East Region

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Wedding Traditions of South America’s East Region Wedding traditions in South America can share many of the same values and traditions of the western world, but yet continue its own traditions and customs by integrating them. Along the east coast of South America, the wedding traditions of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay have adapted to the new world, and yet still … Read More