Wedding Traditions Of France

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Wedding Traditions Of France   The wedding traditions of France are often thought of as very old traditions and a far cry from what we know of today. However, some traditions have either been changed or have been given different names. In either case, you might find yourself surprised at how similar the customs are with today’s society.   White … Read More

Japanese Wedding Tradition

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Japanese Wedding Tradition The Bride and her Parents might visit the Groom’s house on wedding day. At the wedding ceremony, the Bride’s wedding gown is often a traditional wedding kimono. She usually changes into something else at the wedding reception. The first of nine sips of sake drunk by the Bride and Groom at their wedding ceremony symbolizes the official … Read More

Where did the term, “Wedding Toast” come from?

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   Where did the term, “Wedding Toast” come from? It is said that this tradition first began in France, where bread would be placed in the bottom of two drinking glasses for the newlyweds. They would then drink as fast as they could to be the first person to get to the toast. According to legend, the winner would rule … Read More

Wedding Traditions

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Several thoughts are found on this tradition: To protect the bride from evil spirits that were thought to be lying in wait under the threshold. Roman times when it was believed that if the bride stumbled when entering the newlywed’s home for the first time, it would bring bad luck and harm to their marriage. Carrying the bride across the … Read More

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Wedding Traditions of Africa; Top Ten Crazy Traditions Across the continent of Africa, you will find all sorts of wedding traditions and customs. From country to country or tribe to tribe, traditions can be similar to the western world or can also be of the very odd. Some of the traditions are dealing with evil spirits and some are simply … Read More

Wedding Traditions of the Middle East; Israel to Lebanon

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Wedding Traditions of the Middle East; Israel to Lebanon Wedding traditions within the Middle East can vary just as much as their religions and other beliefs. Despite their differences, the one thing they all have in common is the love of their young and the celebrations of marriage. For the countries of Israel, Jordan, Kuwait and Lebanon, these joyous events … Read More

Wedding Traditions, Tossing Rice

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Tossing Rice Believing newlyweds brought good luck, guests used to shower them with nuts and grains to insure a bountiful harvest and many children to work the land. During years of a poor harvest, rice was tossed instead. This tradition continues today with rice or birdseed (where permitted), or bubbles to wish the Bride and Groom much happiness. Incidentally, it … Read More

Wedding Traditions of the Middle East; Cypress to Iraq

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Wedding Traditions of the Middle East; Cypress to Iraq Wedding traditions in the Middle East brings together many cultures and various religious overtones. For the countries of Cypress, Iran and Iraq, these cultural and religious traditions are steeped in long tradition. Cypress For the village of Kilani, an old tradition was that the bride’s family will hand out specially made … Read More

Wedding Traditions, Jewish

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Wedding traditions of a jewish wedding is steeped in history and religious beliefs. Many of their traditions are similar to the rest of the world, while other customs have started in Israel and are special to the locals of that region. Regardless, a jewish wedding is a time for bliss and happiness to be shared by all.

Wedding Traditions of South America’s West Region

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Wedding Traditions of South America’s West Region Wedding traditions in South America can be just as entrenched in customs as any other country or continent, and on the western side of South America this is the norm. South America has a variety of religious beliefs and ways of living, which can be seen in their wedding traditions. For the countries … Read More