Maui Tow- In Surfing Pictures

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Dustin Tow Spartans

Dustin Tows in at Spartans

Dustin Tester- Charges at Spartons today in North Maui. The tow-in season is starting and Dustin was tearing it up with all the guys.  The waves are on the rise and I’ll be there shooting the action. Look for me in my Pink rash guard. LOL.. My friends Jojo and Dustin we’re making fun of me in my pink outfit. Pink, jut isn’t my color.

I had a blast today shooting photos. One of the highlights was when Dustin and I eat it dumping the ski. We caught BIG TIME air trying not to go over the falls and I flew off the back of the ski with camera in hand.  Luckily, we we’re able to get back onto the ski quickly before the next set came. A close call…

Another close one: Dustin’s Ski died on Scott and I while we we’re in the impact zone. The wave was building and building and still the ski would not start. Then, just in the nick of time, it started and we we’re able to jet past the wave coming toward us…  Another close call….

Then… to top it off…  I got hit in the face and shoulder blade when the trailer crank handle slipped from my hand and knock me down tot he ground while Dustin and I we’re trying to get the ski onto the trailer. Ouch….  that hurt..!1  I’m bruised and sore but, I had a killer time.  Thanks Rob and Jacob for coming out to help get the ski onto the trailer. Men sure come in handy sometimes. You guy are the best!

Thank-you Dustin for taking me out today. A shout out to Scott who drove for me this morning while Dustin was towing in with Adam . Thanks for getting me in so,I could capture shots of Dustin.

More photos to come tomorrow.

I live for days like today!  I had the best time and was able to shoot from photos from the ski. Thanks a bunch Dustin.