Photo composition

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Composing your Pictures

Don’t just take pictures. Make pictures.
Point-and-shoot technology has progressed to the point that just about anyone can take pictures that are in focus, properly exposed, and fairly well lit, freeing you to concentrate on artistic aspects.
The challenge that remains is to compose a good picture by controlling how the subject is seen and what emotions are felt by the viewer. This can be done through composition—the relationship of the elements in an image with each other and with the frame.
You know that good feeling you get when you snap a great shot? Well, just follow these guidelines, and you’ll start to see things differently through the viewfinder—and take great shots more often.
horizontal rule
Be a picture director.
Take an extra minute to compose your photograph so that the reason you are taking it is clearly evident. Control your canvas by moving subjects, props, or your angle to add context and see things in a better way.