Hair stles for Summer 2009

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Fun Summer Hair Styles for 2009
Rich color and precision cuts are
the hot hair news for Summer ’09 ….

The pony tail and bob continue to be hot looks, with new precision cuts coming to the forefront this year as the summer of ’09 heats up …


Veering sharply away from the subtle coloring of the past, this year’s look focuses less on highlights and more on rich, solid colors that compliment your face shape and coloring.

Rich, strong hues in various shades of red – strawberry blond, auburn and rich chocolates – are predicted to be the hot new look this summer.


Styles, lengths and cuts were once again all over the place at the Spring-Summer ’09 fashion events, incuding buns, rolls, bobs and a continuation of last summer’s natural and feminine look. You can’t always predict hot fashions by what the models are wearing, but a few standouts are going to be seen off the runway. In general, styles are becoming more stylised with the messy look giving way to the super neat precision cut.

Back again this summer, the cut for the bob is strong graphic outlines incorporating. curves and sharp lines. Go for asymmetry – try one side longer or raise the back and lower the front. Mix lengths gradually, add volume with layers or stick to one length cuts. This is a cut that you can tailor to your face and lifestyle — a look for the individual. Soften it with wisps or a bit of back combing.

Suggestion for a bob look while still keeping your lovely length is the timeless roll. Just roll your hair from the bottom with the ends on the inside of the roll. Bring the roll to the nape of your neck (where your back meets your neck) and pin it in place. Very sophisticated and very cool… and still long and glamorous when you pull out the pins.

Still very hot for summer ’09, fringe cuts were tops on many of the runway’s top models. Fringe can add elegance or make a bold statement. Look for variations with fringe cuts to bring out your personality and facial structure. Soft and wispy fringes, casual choppy edges and strong bold lines will all be hot. You’ll find fringe cuts that go full length, others flowing mid length or brought forward into the eye. It’s all about having fun, being sexy and being yourself

Actress Jennifer Aniston
remains a hair fashion icon
with a layered look and
super subtle highlights.

The cut that complements all the others in high fashion circles this season is lengths of layers with casual textures. The natural look is easy to create with layers of unstyled, free moving hair. Not a lot of curl but plenty of slightly tousled waves added to the volume and texture make this a fun way to style your hair.

For summer ’09 the focus continues to be on natural looking movement and volume. Crops are holding their own this season with short unregimented lengths adding textures and bounce to this cut. Forget the solid crop and go for broken edges and textures that use the natural flow of your own hair as the guide.