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Today I photographed Maria Souza at Secret Beach and she’s  five months pregnet.  Yes, Maria is going to be having a new baby boy in her life soon, her second child.

Who is Maria Souza? Maria Souza is an extreme water woman in Maui Hawaii who has mastered windsurfing, kitesurfing, and Stand-Up Paddle Surfing. Experience the best Stan Up Paddle Surf Lessons from a certified lifeguard, personal trainer and elite ocean athlete.  Maria  was born in Recife, Brazil. As a child Maria trained competitively in gymnastics until she fell in love with surfing at age 13. She travelled the world surfing and then settled on the North Shore of Oahu to build her big wave surfing skills. Maria was the first woman ever to tow-in to the powerful waves of Peahi, Maui, also known as “Jaws”. She moved to Maui when the sport of tow-in was born. In Maui she gave birth to her daughter Bela. And soon after the birth of Bela, Maria began to train hard again for tow-in surfing. Maria, along with Andrea Moeller, finished first on the first ever stand-up paddle channel crossing in 2005, 2006, amd 2008, a 7-hour crossing.