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Today I photographed Maria Souza at Secret Beach and she’s  five months pregnet.  Yes, Maria is going to be having a new baby boy in her life soon, her second child. Who is Maria Souza? Maria Souza is an extreme water woman in Maui Hawaii who has mastered windsurfing, kitesurfing, and Stand-Up Paddle Surfing. Experience the best Stan Up Paddle … Read More

Big Wave Surfing in Maui

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The ocean lets us know when it’s winter in Hawai‘i. Foamy whitewater transforms the seascape that invited summertime frolic not so long ago. We watch as massive storm waves that have traveled an inordinate distance across the Pacific make their first rendezvous with land, unleashing on Hawai‘i’s shallow reefs. A palpable charge—an unadulterated blitz of negative ions—permeates the air. It … Read More