Proposal With The Fish

NicoleMaui Photography

Maui is one of the most romantic places on earth and thousands of could get engaged here every year. If your thinking of popping the question while your in Maui, here’s a different idea that might be for you.

Hawaii is home to two of the better known aquariums in the country; the Maui Ocean Center. If you both love the ocean and enjoy undersea life, maybe popping the question at Maui’s aquarium would be for you.

You can arrange in advance with the staff to propose in front of the large fish exhibit. You both can sit in the room and then once your seated, the divers from the aquarium will make there way over to the window with a large sign asking if she’ll marry you. Once the sign comes out, you can go to one knew and present her your ring.

You can top it off by arranging your photographer to capture it all on film for you. Once your down with the proposal, the photographer can then take you around the grounds or up the street to the beach for a few romantic shots on the beach.

We have lots of ideas on how to make your proposal different and love to do surprise proposal shoots. Gives us a call to learn more about a custom Photography session for you both.