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Working as a Maui Wedding Photographer was a dream of mine that became a reality about 10 years ago. When I moved to Maui and started my business I set myself free and now find that going to work is no longer a chore, It’s something fun that I have the privilege of being able to do each and every day. I find myself looking out to the ocean on my drive to work and catch myself grinning from ear to ear because I’m living in Maui, my favorite place and  am driving to work with wedding clients who are here on vacation, in love and happy as I am to be here.

I love to capture intimate beach weddings as well as larger events but find that when I’m with the couple alone is when things really shine for me. When you connect with the client  It’s amazing how you can actually their love and it’s very uplifting and heart warming to be able to be apart of their special day. When you look at this couple in their wedding photos, you can see the way they are looking at one another and it makes me smile and forever thankful for what I do. Bringing everlasting memories with wedding photography is so rewarding and fullfilling and I count my blessing every day for each and every client that I encounter.

I want to say, ” Thank you” to all my past clients for giving me a special gift and that’s doing what I love to do which I couldn’t do with you.

This beach wedding was held at Makena Surf in South Maui with Reverend Robert Bosco who preformed a warm heartfelt wedding ceremony for Aloha Maui Weddings.  Thanks to my lighting assistant, Trevor Natividad for always being there with me to help things go smoothly and for keeping me on track.







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