New Friends

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I had the pleasure of meeting the Del Rey family while they vacationed in Maui recently for a family portrait session. I always have a great time with my clients, but there was something just special about this family! I loved them instantly.

Erika and Alberto live in Whitter, California, which isn’t too far from where I used to live, in Anaheim Hills. Since we are both from California, we kind of instantly bonded. Their son, Carlos, was a total cutie and had the best attitude of any kid I’ve ever met. When I asked him if he wanted to climb a tree, he replied with, ” Yeah”. When I asked him if he wanted to jump, he said, ” Yeah”. The kid was just happy to be here, and it didn’t matter what I asked him to do, he just got super excited and said, ” Yeah”. What kid does that? Only Carlos!

It was really nice to meet such great people, and to be able to capture their memories on Maui was an incredible experience for me. I pinch myself everyday, and I am so grateful to live and to be able to call the beaches of Maui my office. I am a so happy to be a professional photographer in Maui.


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  1. We had a great time with our photo session. I believe Carlos-Andres was so comfortable with you and said “yeah” to everything you suggested, because you and Trevor were completely friendly and loving towards us. He felt as if you both were his long lost family from Maui, Lol. Thank you so much for the beautiful memories you captured on film. But we are most thankful for the lifetime friendship that begun with a phone call, emails and blossom at Po‘olenalena Beach. We send you much love and blessings. Looking forward to our next visit.

    Alberto, Erika and Carlos-Andres Del Real

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