Wedding Traditions Of The Oceana’s

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Wedding Traditions Of The Oceana’s
Wedding traditions in the area of the world known as the Oceana region, which includes
Australia and New Zealand, are no different than any other country when it comes to their
wedding traditions. For many outsiders to this region, Australia and New Zealand are known for
their differences, such as the kangaroo, koala bear and the platypus. However, as you can see,
other than the Maori influence, this Oceana region of the world falls right in line with the rest of
the world and the bottom line for marriage, love.
Australia’ s many wedding traditions have been formed and followed from generation to
generation. In Australia, weddings have a proper way of being done and is expected to be
followed. In fact, much of life is also ‘ codified’ to a way of living down under.
– As part of a long standing tradition in Australia is the handing down of a family bible. Often
these bibles have been through many generations and are considered to be a family heirloom.
– Much of Australia’ s traditions come from England, as Australia was once ruled by England.
However, it is also not uncommon to have ceremonies to be that of Irish or Scottish decent.
– Although most Australian weddings are entrenched in church weddings, statistics are now
showing more and more ceremonies are now taking place outside the church.
– Tradition shows that weddings will include all of the bride and groom’ s family members.
Despite a wedding having its normal stresses, having the entire family can cause undue stress as
well. However, a wedding usually will trump family problems and those issues are set aside to
make this day a special one for the new couple.
– Australian weddings may include various traditions of other cultures, such as: the Greek’ s
linking ribbon coronets, which the bride will wear; India’ s horseback arrival carrying the groom
to the church; the Jewish drinking glass being stomped on; as well as sugared almonds that are
handed out to all the guests, which can be seen in many ceremonies throughout the world. In
addition to the almonds, raw nuts may also be given to wedding guests.
– Almonds and nuts generally symbolize fertility, but in some countries, such as Italy, it
represents good luck.
– A wedding reception in Australia is filled with a variety of music. It can range from the
Scottish bagpipes to traditional England to the United States brands of reception music. It may
also include the Aboriginal didgeridoo melodies.
– During the toasting at the reception, the best man has the duty of reading out to the audience
any letters, cards or other forms of written well-wishes on behalf of those who could not attend.
Often these messages are done playfully.
– At the reception, often ‘ I still call Australia Home’ and ‘ Waltzing Matilda’ will be played and
accompanied by singing and dancing.
– A good cake at your reception is the Lamington, which includes coconut on the outside, while
remaining light and tasty.
– Much like other countries, the new couple’ s car is often decorated. However in Australia it is
common to include a Barbie Doll dangling from the car and often adorned in the clothing in the
same manner as the bridesmaids.
New Zealand
– Old tradition has much of New Zealand’ s weddings taking place in a lavish church setting.
– A New Zealand wedding may take on many traditional aspects of the Maori customs; Maorians
are New Zealand’ s native people.
– Ceremonies that have the Maori influence often include the ‘ infinity loops’ . These loops are
placed over the necks of the couple, representing a never ending love; much like the wedding
– Another Maorian tradition is the warrior challenge and may also include the welcoming of the
new couple in a ceremony known as ‘ Powhiri’ .
– Despite the traditional church setting that New Zealand has been known for, New Zealand has
taken to more modern methods to marriage locations much like Australia. They may still decide
to go with the traditional church wedding, or now they also have the option of a civil wedding or
a registry office wedding.
– A civil wedding is often a private ceremony. It may take place in many other locations outside
the church setting. Perhaps the ceremony can take place at a park, or beach, or even at a home. In
any event, the setting may be different but the results are still the same.
– A registry office wedding is simply done at a government office, usually where the public
records are held at. It is short and to the point without the pomp and circumstance.