Maui Wedding photos on the North Shore

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If your planning a small an intimate wedding on the beach and are looking for great photos of your event, check out Behind The Lens Maui.  Behind The Lens Maui specializes in intimate weddings at intimate locations around Maui. Small intimate wedding packages are available to include minister, flower leis, beach permit and photography. Behind The Lens Maui 808 205-2366

Wedding Ideas For A Summer Wedding

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Wedding Ideas For A Summer Wedding     Looking for wedding ideas for a summer wedding? Getting married any time of the year and you are almost assured the wedding will be great. However there is just something special about summer weddings. Perhaps it is the brightness, the freshness or the warmair that the summer months have that draw people … Read More

Intimate Maui Beach Weddings

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Maui is the perfect place for a private intimate beach wedding. This fun couple choose to say, ” I do” in  Maui at a beautiful beach on the South side of Maui called, Paipu.       Behind The Lens Maui offers small weddings packages to include the minister, flower leis and photography. Call now for details,   808. 205-2366 … Read More

Whale Watching Photos, Maui

NicoleMaui Photographer

I was lucky enough to be invited by my good friend Dustin- Owner of Maui Surfer Girls to go out today on Captain Chrissy’s whale watching boat this afternoon.  It was a nice relaxing day with Dustin’s family and my mom. We had a Whale of a Day! Here’s a few photos of some of the action we saw. Note: … Read More

“Tie the Knot”

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“Tie the Knot” To “Tie the Knot”, came from the Roman times when the bride wore a girdle that was tied into knots which the groom had the fun of untying.

Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake During the days of the Roman empire, wedding cakes were baked of wheat or barley. At the reception, they were traditionally broken over the head of the new Bride by the Groom as a symbol of her fertility. Guests would then scramble for pieces of the cake, and take them home for good luck. It later became a … Read More

Maui Wedding Photographer goes Whale Watching

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I finally took some time to myself this past week and was able to jump on a whale watching boat  out of  Lahaina harbor  with my friend Dustin- Owner of Maui Surfer Girls. Captain Chrissy,  a close friend of Dustin’s invited us to join her while she works cruising the ocean showing the whales to tourists. Working as a Maui … Read More

Honeymoon Surf Package

NicoleMaui Photography

Honeymoon Surf Package Maui Wedding photographer, Nicole Sanchez- Owner of Behind The Lens Maui turned into a Maui Surf photographer yesterday. Nicole hung out with Dustin Tester- Owner of Maui best Surf Schools to capture a Honeymoon couple  from San Diego, California at a local surf spot called. Guard Rails”. The Land Lesson: Group Photo: Off to the water: Dustin … Read More

Weddings- Brides

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue This superstition of the Bride wearing something that fits each of these four categories originated in Europe to ward off evil spirits. Something Old: This tradition symbolized the sense of continuity while making the transition from a single person to that of a married couple. Something New: This tradition symbolized that marriage … Read More