Photo Finishing and what paper to order

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I am often asked what kind of finish to get when odering photo enlagements, prints and albums. Here is some info that may help you in deciding.     What’s the difference between a metallic print and one with a matte, luster, or glossy finish? The matte photo is duller and is used to reduce glare if a photo is meant to … Read More

Lose Weight Fast For Your Wedding

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Lose Weight Fast For Your Wedding   Need to lose weight fast for your wedding? After all you just got engaged and what seemed like a glorious moment can quickly change to stress once you realized you have a wedding to plan. You need to set a date, reserve a location, food, music, who to invite and the list goes … Read More

Maui Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

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Maui Beach Wedding Favor Ideas If you’re having a beach wedding, your beach wedding favors to reflect the day. Most beach weddings are fairly informal so keep that in mind as your choosing your favors. In Hawaii, it’s is against the law to remove rocks, shells and lava from the beaches. There are many shops around the island that carry … Read More

Where did the term, “Wedding Toast” come from?

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   Where did the term, “Wedding Toast” come from? It is said that this tradition first began in France, where bread would be placed in the bottom of two drinking glasses for the newlyweds. They would then drink as fast as they could to be the first person to get to the toast. According to legend, the winner would rule … Read More

Vow Renewal, Maui

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  Are you thinking of renewing your wedding vows?  Maui is a beautiful place to renew your wedding vows. Behind The Lens Maui offers a vow renewal package that’s not currently listed on the website.  We have access to the top ministers on Maui and are able to pull the proper permits and liability insurance.   Renewal Wedding Package (With … Read More

Wedding Ideas For A Spring Wedding

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Wedding Ideas For A Spring Wedding   Is there anything better than coming up with wedding ideas for a spring wedding? Not really. Since spring is a time of renewal and rebirth it is the best time to start the new adventure that a marriage can bring. Since spring is usually one of the more beautiful times to get married … Read More

Popular Maui Wedding Locations

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Maui, Hawaii is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world and now that summer’s here the beaches are crowded with multiple weddings going on all at the same time.   I’ve noticed my fellow photographers and I are fighting for space on the beach at the most popular wedding spots and it’s been crazy with five to … Read More

Beach Wedding And Things To Consider

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Beach Wedding And Things To Consider   A beach wedding is a great way to tie the knot. Whether you want it casual, romantic orpersonal, beach weddings can be a perfect fit for any couple. A beach wedding can be a one-day event just between the two of you, and a couple of close friends, or have a hugebeach party … Read More

Intimate Maui Beach Wedding

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  An intimate Maui beach wedding with the couple, the brides father and friend joined by two of the couples closest friends celebrating together on this special day.  The weather was ideal, lite sun with a slight made for a perfect intimate Maui  beach wedding. A beautiful ceremony which took place on a south side beach in Maui, Hawaii.  Congratulations to … Read More